What checks or limits are placed on each type of power
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Both Moliere and Swift use humor to provide an analysis of serious social problems. In doing so, they both describe various types and uses of power, from the governmental power that restores Orgon's property and the English laws that do not take into account the conditions of the Irish, to the power that a landlord holds over a renter or a father over a family, to the exercise of religion and wealth within a community, to the wishes and desires of the young, and more.

Your task is to identify at least two types of power in our readings. You may use either Tartuffe or A Modest Proposal, or a mix of both. Once you have found two types of power, determine who you think has the power and how that power is exercised. Where is each power abused? What checks or limits are placed on each type of power? Be sure to cite examples from your readings to support your claims.

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