What can you do to continually inform yourselves

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You will be responsible for writing a 4 page paper analyzing a prevalent and urgent Asian American issue. Here are some questions to address:

-What is/are the issue(s) that Asian Americans are currently facing and/or will face?

-Briefly describe the origins of the issue(s) and how it became an issue(s).

-Using credible sources (journal articles, newspapers, books), why is/are the issue(s) important to address and resolve?

-What short and long-term solution(s) did you come up with?

-What are the pros and/or cons in resolving the issue(s)?

-Who will be impacted most and what potentially can happen if the issue(s) is not resolved?

-What can you do to continually inform yourselves of the issue(s) that affects Asian American society?

Reference no: EM132184400

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