What can be surmised about the victis identity from info

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1. For each of the following pieces of evidence, indicate whether the item is more likely to possess class or individual characteristics and explain your answers.

a) An impression from a new automobile tire

b) A fingerprint

c) A spent bullet cartridge

d) A mass-produced synthetic fiber

e) Pieces of shredded document

f) Commercial potting soil

g) Skin and hair scrapings

h) Fragments of a multilayer custom automobile paint

i) A blood stain

2. A highly weathered skeleton is recovered from a remote wooded site. Only the upper torso and cranium were recovered. The clavicle is found to be unfused and cranium features a very prominent brow bone and sharp protruding mastoid process. What can be surmised about the victim's identity from this information?

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Reference no: EM131357159

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