What can be done to defend against attack explain

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In 5-6 paragraphs, APA format address the following:

• In your opinion, do you think that terrorists are primarily motivated by religious beliefs or ideologies (political orientations)? Explain.

• What types of terrorist attacks do you think are the most effective? Why? Be specific.

• Have you ever felt fear of being a victim of a terrorist attack? Explain.

• If so, what caused this fear? Does this mean that terrorists are succeeding? Why or why not?

• If not, how have others around you (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) expressed fear of terrorist attacks? What fuels their fear? Explain.

• What are your thoughts on the use of suicide bombing as a terrorist tactic? Explain

• Is this an effective tactic for spreading terror? Why or why not?

• What can be done to defend against this type of attack? Explain.

• What types of tactics and planning and execution techniques do you think terrorists will employ in the future? Explain your reasoning.

Reference no: EM131165266

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