What benefits do customers derive with quality services
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Read the following text and answer all the questions in this section

By its very nature, government services are essential to the development of a thriving and competitive economy and the maintenance of a stable society. Citizens and corporate bodies, as customers of the government, have a legitimate right to quality, timely and efficient public services. The impression one gets from a counter/customer service is of crucial importance as efficiency and effectiveness of the Ministry/Department, and by extension of the civil service, is perceived through the attitude of front-line officers, the response time and the actual service delivery. The quest for quality and excellence in the delivery of public services is a must. Indeed a quality public counter/customer service leads to satisfied customers and generates a positive image of public organizations. In line with the vision and commitment of Government to provide high quality and seamless services, public organizations should aim to provide their customers with a courteous, rapid and effective service

a) What do you understand by quality customer service? Elaborate on any one of the characteristics of such a service.

b) What benefits do customers derive if they are provided with quality services? Illustrate your answer with a concrete example from the public sector.

c) How would public sector organizations benefit if they provide quality service to their customers?

d) Discuss a few improvements brought to public sector counter services and explain with examples how these services can be further improved to project an even better image of the public sector


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