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Thinking about the central tenets of the world's major religions, such as the Jewish requirement to love God and do good deeds; the Christian prescription to follow the "golden rule;" the Buddhist emphasis on, among other things, right belief, right resolve, and right conduct; and the Confucian principle of "treating those who are subordinate to you as you would like to be treated by people superior to yourself," list and discuss all the similarities between the world's major religions.

What beliefs and practices do they have in common? What guidelines for everyday life do they share? What similar emotional comforts do they provide for their followers and their society?

Finally, what makes Christianity different in its emphasis on faith rather than works?

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This assignment talks about different religions. If we say that all nations or all religions are exactly alike, we will be surprised when we investigate them to see how different they are. Religions gives importance to Every person finds themselves separated from God and deserving His wrath for our rebellion. In light of this universal human predicament, God has made a way for us to be forgiven of our sins and reconciled to God.If there’s one thing to which human history overwhelmingly testifies, it is that we are fervently religious creatures. This assignment is prepared in MS word and it is about 500 words

Reference no: EM131520739

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