What are your personal views of what your interviewee does

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As you do this, please define terms and phrases and explain differences as they apply.

Respond to the following questions in a 750- to 1,050-word paper. You are encouraged to use these questions as subheadings.

If your interviewee/program is law enforcement-related, do you believe that what they do is more community policing or problem-solving policing? Why?

If you were going to categorize what they do, would you say it is more crime control or crime prevention? Why?

Is what they do more of restorative justice, diversion, counseling, incapacitation, or some other form of crime prevention/control?

Does this person/program focus more on crime control or due process? Why?

Do you see your interviewee/program as being part of the official (traditional) criminal justice system, or are they outside of it (private company)?

Does your interviewee/program seem more in tune with the conservative belief that crime is based on a rational decision-making process and that diversion is best achieved by strong deterrents? Or does your interviewee/program take more of a liberal approach, where social, physical, and psychological issues factor in and treatment and counseling are viewed as being more effective? Explain.

Which of the goals of crime control (deterrence, retribution, incapacitation, rehabilitation) do you think best describes what your interviewee does? Explain.

What are your personal views of what your interviewee does? Do you believe this impacts crime control/crime prevention?

What suggestions would you make to improve the interviewee's efforts?

Use at least three outside sources.

Reference no: EM131222250

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