What are your grounds for concluding this

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Part 1: Individual Metrics

Identify and define the respective numerator, denominator and rate/ratio. (Tomica Williams)

Part 2: Overall Scorecard and Monitoring a Strategic Goal

Based on this scorecard, which areas of the organization seem to be doing well, and which ones are most in need of improvement? What are your grounds for concluding this? Summarize what these scorecard indicators say about this organization in comparison with its peer organizations (e.g., the Custom Compare Group). (Tomica Williams)

During some research, I think that the numerator is the total current asset divided by the denominator is the total current liability that equals to current ratio. The networking capital is defined as a liquidity measure equal to current assets minus current liabilities. Current assets is an asset that is expected to be converted into cash within one accounting period, which is often a year. Liability is a fixed financial obligation of the business. Meanwhile, asset is an item that either possesses or creates economic benefit for the organization.

Reference: Gapenski, L.C. (2012). Healthcare finance: An introduction to accounting and financial management. (5th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Reference no: EM13854355

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