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Question 1

(a) (i) Explain the role of a DTD in XML

(ii) Illustrate, with the aid of examples, the difference between an XML document being well formed and valid

(b) Identify three key differences between DTDs and XML Schemas

(c) Consider the following XML document that contains information on people, books and literature prizes-


<person id="p1">Nadine Gordimer</person>

<person id="p2">J M Coetzee</person>

<book id="b1">

<title>The Conservationist</title>

<author ref="p1"/>


<book id="b2">

<title>Life and Times of Michael K</title>

<author ref="p2"/>


<book id="b3">


<author ref="p2"/>



<name>The Nobel Prize in Literature</name>



<author ref="p1"/>




<name>The Booker Prize</name>

<award><year>1974</year><work ref="b1"/></award>

<award><year>1983</year><work ref="b2"/></award>

<award><year>1999</year><work ref="b3"/></award>



The above representation captures facts such as the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Nadine Gordimer in 1991 and the Booker Prize was awarded for the book with title "Disgrace" in 1999

(i) Write a DTD fragment which comprises element and attribute declarations for the elements person, award and author

(ii) Write an XSLT template rule which will produce an HTML table of awards of the Booker Prize. The table should have two columns: the first containing the year of the award, the second containing the title of the book that won the prize in that year

Question 2

(a) What do you understand by the term Data Island? Give appropriate syntax to define one

(b) Describe the three types of Compositors used within the W3C XML Schema language that handle the order of individual elements

(c) Distinguish between Internal Entity and External Entity as used with DTDs. Illustrate your answer with simple examples

(d) ElementType is one of the major node use to define an Element in XML Schema document. Describe the following five associated attributes name-

(i) Content

(ii) dt:type

(iii) name

(iv) order

(v) model.


(a) (i) Discuss three properties of the WebService attribute

(ii) Discuss three properties of the WebMethod attribute

(b) Explain how the following protocols are used to invoke an XML Web Service-

(i) HTTP-Get

(ii) HTTP-Post

(iii) SOAP

(c) Using a diagram, illustrate how SOAP serialization / deserialization works when implementing a Web Service

(d) Write a .NET Web Service to create a currency converter that converts US Dollar to the following currencies-

England: 0.686

Canada: 1.603

EURO: 1.118

The Parameter inputs are: Country and Amount


(a) What are WSDL documents used for?

(b) Describe fully the importance of each of the following elements used by the WSDL document while implementing HTML pattern matching-

(i) Types

(ii) Messages

(iii) PortTypes

(iv) Bindings

(v) Services

(c) Outline the main steps required to access a Web service with the WebService Behavior

(d) List two ways how to handle errors in a WebService Behavior. Use extract codes to illustrate your answer

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