What are three basic ethical principles

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Question 1
What basic ethical principle assumes that individuals have the right to live their lives as long as their actions do no interfere with the welfare of others?

a. Nonmaleficence
b. Justice
c. Beneficence
d. Autonomy
e. Fidelity

Question 2

Which of the following steps was not listed as part of the decision-making framework for systematically choosing a course of action when ethical codes do not specify how to act in a particular situation?
a. Consult with your licensing board's ethics chair
b. Review the code of ethics and relevant laws
c. Choose a course of action
d. Consider possible courses of action and their consequences

Question 3

What is nonmaleficence?
a. Do no harm
b. Help the client who has been harmed
c. Having caused harm

Question 4

You have a client that comes in with HIV and is homosexual. The group counseling process is a big part of your program. The group has made numerous negative comments about Aids and the gay community. You're conflicted about how the group will fair. What do you do?
a. Do you disclose your concerns to the client and let him make the choice
b. Do you find a reason to refer him somewhere else
c. Do you accept him and let the group process work it out
d. Consult with your supervisor and let her make the choice

Question 5

Individuals who have merely applied to a treatment program but never attended are not covered under the standards of 42 CFR Part 2.


Question 6

What U.S Department announced SEPs is an effective strategy to prevent HIV?
a. HHS
b. SEP
c. ATF
d. FDA

Question 7

What are the specific ethical issues that predominate in the substance abuse and HIV/Aids treatment field?
a. Scarce Resources
b. Duty to Treat/Duty To Warn
c. Confidentially

Question 8

After a substance abuse counselor has acquired 20,000 hours of counseling experience and has remained in good standing with their board certification, they are considered professionally competent and are no longer required to seek ongoing education.


Question 9

Which of the following was not listed as one of the several important responsibilities counselors are charged with that have to do with promoting client welfare and protecting client rights?
a. Adhering to codes of ethics and standards of practice
b. Respecting client diversity by working in a culturally sensitive manner
c. Engaging in supervision, consultation, and advocacy
d. Maintaining strict adherence to CFR-42 standards throughout the treatment episode

Question 10

Ethicalness and the legality of an action are two different things, and occasionally they are in conflict.

Question 11

What type of approach does ethics use to deal with normal issues?

a. Intellectual
b. Reasoning
c. Cognitive
d. Both A & B

Question 12

Which of the following was not included in the list of specific information that must be provided on the client's consent to release information?

a. The client's primary diagnosis and any other co-occurring disorders
b. The date or condition under which the consent will expire
c. The purpose of the disclosure
d. The person to receive the disclosed information

Question 13

The common phrase for "Duty To Warn" in the counseling profession is referred to as the Tarasoff Law.

Question 14

The first step in culturally sensitive counseling is to obtain the education and guidance necessary to understand that culture and to process any feelings that could interfere with counselor empathy.

Question 15

If counselors do not evaluate how their personal beliefs and concerns affect the counseling process, they could pursue personal agendas with clients, thereby reducing treatment quality.

Question 16

Counselors who feel uncomfortable working with HIV infected individuals should:
a. Recognize any biases and consult with a supervisor
b. Ignore their feelings
c. Refer the client
d. Tell the client how they feel

Question 17

Counter-transference occurs when the counselor loses his/her objectivity and becomes overwhelmed, angry, or bereft when hearing a client's story.

Question 18

What are three basic ethical principles?
a. Nonmaleficence, autonomy, justice
b. Taking notes, phone class, computer knowledge
c. Autonomy, justice, nonmaleficence, beneficence, fidelity
d. Screening, assessment, referral

Question 19

The alcoholism and drug abuse counselor should establish financial arrangements in professional practice and in accord with the State of California Board of Consumer Affairs.

Question 20

What is the "connecting issue" among the general principles outlined in TIP 37 Chapter8, "Ethical Issues"?
a. Confidentiality
b. Relationships
c. Duty to Warn
d. Duty to Treat

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Reference no: EM131276227

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