What are the underlying strengths of project management
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What are the underlying strengths of Project Management and who is important in the process?

It is accepted that project management is useful in assisting with the delivery of unique and defined work within organizations. Historically, management by projects has focused on the criteria of time, cost, and scope, but it is becoming more widely accepted that different stakeholders engaged with projects have different success criteria.

From your own experience, and drawing on textbooks and readings, what do you think are the underlying strengths of project management and why do you think these strengths are important? You justify your opinions with examples.

Remember that part of the discussion process each week will allow you to critique the posts of your fellow group members. However, please bear in mind also that this is not an opportunity to rebut (I have already said my piece on rebuttal), but rather, it is an opportunity to play devils advocate in a constructive way.

Lastly, please remember that you need to cite your sources and use quotation marks to identify the words of others. You should be using the APA style of referencing - there are plenty of web sites that will guide you if you are unsure of how it works...

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