What are the seven major elements of a customer vignette

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Question 1: What are the seven major elements of a customer vignette?

Question 2: How do you make sure that image files are the right size for your Dreamweaver web page templates, and what file format do they need to be saved in?

Question 3: What are the four major types of financial ratios and why is each one important?

Question 4: What is a good source for image files to use in creating a project in Photoshop?

Question 5: What do the Patent Office database syntax terms "ttl" and "andnot" mean, and how do you use them in a patent search?

Question 6: What are the major pieces of information you can find about a competitor using Lexis-Nexis (or ProQuest/Experian)?

Question 7: What is the data resource you use for business-to-business market sizing, and what are the major things you need to do to navigate it?

Question 8: What are the major types of information you can glean from First Research industry profile reports?

Question 9: What are the two major databases for patent searches and the two major databases for trademark searches that were covered in the webinar on these topics?

Question 10: What are the important factors to consider when creating a market positioning map?

Question 11: What are the major search steps you should go through to narrow down a best practices search on Google?

Question 12: What is the data resource you use for consumer-focused market sizing, and what are the major things you need to do to navigate it?

Question 13: Describe the major elements of a Wix website template and how to edit them.

Question 14: What are the three websites described in the webinar on equity funding research, and what is each website good for?

Question 15: What information do you need from your web hosting company in order to publish material to the web?

Question 16: What is the major concept mentioned in the webinar on grant funding that enables businesses to apply for a broad range of grant monies that might not initially seem relevant? Give an example of this concept.

Question 17: What is the important organizing tool that allows you to manipulate different elements in a Photoshop project?

Question 18: List three elements of each of the major facets (word of mouth, online, offline, and events) of a guerilla marketing campaign (i.e., list 12 elements total).

Question 19: What happens when you click yes to "including dependent files" when uploading web pages to the internet via Dreamweaver?

Question 20: What are some of the types of websites that can give you good information about a consumer-focused competitor in a Google search?

Reference no: EM131314047

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