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Peter Gulp has approached your team with a problem. His engineering firm Gulp Engineering (EG) has been operating in the Ottawa, Ontario area since 2008 when Peter Gulp founded the firm. Over the past 10 years he has seen their firm grow to have over 65 employees and become one of Ottawa’s top engineering firms being contracted to do work in all of southern Ontario and west Quebec.

Peter had on occasion done work internationally as part of the contracts that he had undertaken in the Ottawa / Gatineau area. With the growth in international markets such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East, he felt that this was a good time for him to seek to expand internationally and take advantage of the rapid growth in other regions of the world.

The challenge that Peter now has, is that he needs to select an international location for his new venture and build a plan to launch the satellite office in the new location. Peter is trying to decide on one of three locations: (Mumbai, India; Dar Es Salaam; Tanzania; Abu Dhabi, UAE). You are a management consultant and have been approached by Peter for recommendations on the matter.

He would like you to answer the following questions:

1) Which of the 3 locations should he choose and why?

a. Your decisions should be based on the characteristics of the new location and it’s fit with his current business. Be sure tojustify your location choice.

2) What are some things that he should consider when developing his new office from the following topics:



-Target market and types of opportunities to select

-Political and Legal environment

-Currency stability

3) What are the risks associated with the venture?

4) What is the feasibility of the opportunity?

a. Marketgrowth

b. Market for engineering

5) What are the exit costs associated with the venture?

To support your analysis please provide a SWOT Analysis of the opportunity and a discussion of your findings.

Reference no: EM132233783

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