What are the responsibilities of the network manager

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In your own words answer the following questions:

a. What is Network Infrastructure Management?
b. What are the responsibilities of the network manager?


You are the Network Deployment Manager for a large IT planning and service providing company. You have been tasked by your company to lead your team to plan, deploy and manage the computer / IT network for a large financial company "First Finance" who are shifting their head office to a new building. The whole project has to be completed in 6 months.

Task 1
List down all the questions that you will put forward to your client "First Financials" to understand their requirements and needs in terms of hardware, software, bandwidth etc.

Task 2
Prepare a time line which will serve as a guideline for you and your client.

Task 3
Prepare a budget for the whole project in terms of the cost of procurement, deployment, man power, scalability, security etc

Task 4
Design the network: Topology, Servers,and Accessibility etc. and present it in the form of a diagram.

Task 5
Develop a plan to provide good IT support to the client after deployment.

Critically review and evaluate the proposed system


Reference no: EM13324817

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