What are the pros and cons of using plain coding

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Explain how a web site could learn something about your browsing habits. Make assumptions (mention the assumptions and justify them). Consider more than one scenario and use examples to support your answer.


Can a browser load an HTML document from a web server running on a different host if the DNS is not operational? Explain your answer


List as many ways that allows you to insert 2 horizontal spaces between sentences in your web page? What would be the best solution? Explain your answer.


What are the most important differences between HTTP 1.0 and 1.1? If you are tasked with working on HTTP 1.2, what would you add or change from the current standards?


What are the pros and cons of using plain coding (programmatic approach) vs. usingtemplates, libraries, and toolkits in your web applications (in all tiers of the application)?


Users tend to re-fresh web pages displayed on the browsers. What is the most importantproblem that might occur when the refreshed page contains a form that was submitted using the post method? Give at least one potential solution for this problem. Consider the server side processing in your response.


You are assigned with the task of developing a new web site for a startup company. The company offers services that use social networking environment and techniques. As a new startup, the company does not have an established customer base or any history that
you can use for planning and designing the web application. Moreover, this company wanted you to use a RAD (Rapid Application Development) approach.

• What do you think will be the most important factors in the design of your application? • What are the most important principles that you want to include in the design of your application?

• What would be a good platform to choose for the design and implementation ofthe web application?

Please include details to justify your responses. Whenever possible, make assumptions and list them in your answer.


Reference no: EM13317787

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