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Preparing for Skill-Development Exercise 1

1. Select one organization you work for or have worked for. Identify its culture by answering Work Applications 1 (is it a high- or low-performance culture?), 2 (which of the ten leadership actions are used?), 3 (which of the four types of organizational cultures does it have?), and 5 (what are the five dimensions of the culture?). Your answers can be between the two poles for Work Applications 2 and 5 (on each of the five dimensions); however, try to identify which end of the spectrum the culture is closest to.

2. What are the mission and values of the organization? Does the culture support the mission and values of the organization? Explain why or why not. If the organization does not have a clearly written mission and values, that would be a good starting point.

3. Based on the organization's mission and values, how can the culture be improved? Be specific. Doing Skill-Development Exercise 1 in Class Objective To improve your ability to identify and improve an organizational culture in order to support its mission and values. The primary AACSB learning standard skill developed through this exercise is global and multicultural trends, diversity, and ethics.

Preparation You should have completed the preparation for this exercise. Procedure (10-45 minutes)

A. The instructor calls on students to give their answers to the preparation, with or without a class discussion.

B. Break into groups of 4-6 and share your answers to the preparation.

C. Same as B, but select one group member to present their answer to the entire class. Conclusion The instructor may lead a class discussion and/or make concluding remarks. Apply It (2-4 minutes) What did I learn from this exercise? When will I implement my plan?

Sharing In the group, or to the entire class, volunteers may give their answers to the "Apply It" questions.

Reference no: EM131268717

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