What are the main risks associated with projects

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Answering the below five questions in essay format, each question between 150 to 200 words.

1) Briefly define the following project planning terms:

A) Statement of work (SOW)

B) Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

C) Project charter

2) What are the main risks associated with projects and what should be considered in a risk management plan?

3) What are the main problems associated with the cost management of project?

4) Describe briefly the project life cycle and say why it is important in project management

5) Project management is largely concerned with balancing cost, time and quality. Briefly describe what is meant by the term " Trade of analysis"

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This paper talks about project management. It consider the aspects such as WBS and SOW. It also focus on the main risks related with the project management. This assignment is prepared in MS word and it is about 1000 words.

Reference no: EM131064857

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