What are the implications for race being a social

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Explain the ways in which race is a social construct and is not biological. What are the implications for race being a social reality even though there are virtually no biological differences among humans?

Reference no: EM131002014

What sociological theory

What sociological theory or theories best explains the recent growth and spread of youth gangs to many parts of the country? What gang abatement strategies (real or imagined)

What is the epidemiological transition

What is the epidemiological transition? What technological advancements have been most responsible for it? What have been the most important consequences of this transition?

Research proposal on self driving car

Prepare a Research proposal on given Topic. My topic is self driving car. What method wills you use to analyse your readings? How will you interpret the analysis to make your

Describe aspects of the article you disagree

Describe aspects of the article you disagree with and explain why. Explore the implications of the paper's argument in a way that goes beyond the author's efforts in this rega

Identify a business in your local community

This assignment is designed to identify how decisions impact a business. Corporations have an obligation to be ethical at all times. Identify a business in your local communi

How do ackerman views on management

How do Ackerman's views on management differ from a secular school's view of behavior management? What biblical concepts challenge you as someone who may be working with stu

White house issue

For this assignment, you will use the readings and e-Activities. Select one (1) issue of your interest from the White House Issues Page, Develop a brief overview (i.e., no mo

Types of reinforcement techniques

The three types of reinforcement techniques that have been determined scientifically when used systematically and consistently to be the most effective on modifying student be


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