What are the immediate issues facing kalistas
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Read the assigned cases below, and answer the corresponding questions to each case in no more than two pages per case.

Kalista's Fine Chocolate

1. What are the immediate issues facing Kalista's?

2. Using the new venture template and the Level 1 and Level 2 screening technique from the text, assess the viability of Kalista's Fine Chocolate as a business.

3. Aside from the retail scenario suggested in the case, develop at least three different alternatives or scenarios for the business. Include a list of pros and cons for each scenario.

4. If you were the owners, what would you do and why?

Sequel to Success: The Follow-Up to Abatis Systems

1. Assess the brainstorming process used by the group. Include the techniques they used to improve their idea generation effectiveness.

2. Assess the final two ideas using their criteria on page 89.

3. If you were Adam, using the above output as your info, would you leave angel investing to become an entrepreneur again? If so, the motivation is unlikely to be financial, so what do you think the motivation might be?

4. If you were to leave angel investing, which of the two ideas would you pick and why?

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