What are the explicit and implicit cost of attending college

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1. Distinguish between explicit and implicit costs, giving examples of each. What are the explicit and implicit costs of attending college? Why does the economist classify normal profit as a cost? Is economic profit a cost of production?

2. What is a sunk cost? Provide an example of a sunk cost other than one found in the text. Why are such costs irrelevant in making decisions about future actions?

Reference no: EM13233520

Work out the total output per day

Tom and Jerry are both enterpreneurs and are producing hats and scarfs. Tom is producing 1 hat and 3 scarfs per hour whereas Jerry is currently producing 2 hats and 5 scarfs

Which of the type of protection convey negative externality

consider two ways to protect your car from theft. The Club ( a steering wheel lock ) makes it difficult for a car thief to take your car. Lojack ( a tracking system) makes i

Which are identical in every characteristic

A corporate bond rated AAA with the same time to maturity as bond Y that trades in a more liquid market than bonds W, X, or Y List the bonds in the most likely order of the in

What is the total amount of money on the island

Suppose the FBI only keeps the required amount of reserves, what is the total amount of money (M1) on the island? Hint: this will be the maximum amount of money given the re

Monopolist charges different prices to different consumers

What are the total revenue (TR), total costs (TC) and total profits when the monopolist practices price discrimination?Compare these profits with b. In words, explain what h

Identify the revenue maximizing and profit maximizing

Fill in the missing data for price (P), total revenue(TR), marginal revenue (MR), total cost (TC), marginal cost (MC), profit (π), and marginal profit (Mπ) in the following

Labour as an input and produce

Suppose Countries C and D use only labour as an input and produce only tables and tents. In A, a worker in a week could produce 4 tables or 2 tents. In B, a worker in a week

Summarize the view of american critics of global firms

Summarize the view of American critics of global firms that import products purchased from developing country factories that have bad working conditions and pay very low wag


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