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Read the case "WorldCom1" and answer the questions below

Questions For Discussion

1. What are the ethical considerations involved in a company's decision to loan executives money to cover margin calls on their purchase of shares of company stock?

2. When well conceived and executed properly, a growth-through-acquisition strategy is an accepted method to grow a business. What went wrong at WorldCom? Is there a need to put in place protections to insure stakeholders benefit from this strategy? If so, what form should these protections take?

3. What are the ethical pros and cons of a banking firm giving their special clients privileged standing in "hot" IPO auctions?

4. Jack Grubman apparently lied in his official biography at Salomon Smith Barney. Isn't this simply part of the necessary role of marketing yourself? Is it useful to distinguish between "lying" and merely "fudging."?

5. Cynthia Cooper and her colleagues worried about their revelations bringing down the company. Her boss, Scott Sullivan, asked her to delay reporting her findings for one quarter. She and her team did not know for certain whether this additional time period might have given Sullivan time to "save the company" from bankruptcy. Assume that you were a member of Cooper's team and role-play this decision-making situation.

 First attachment :case study 2ed attachment: what me Answer 3rd attachment: guidelines from Dr to Answer this case and this your massage ( Yes it has some aspects of ethical issues which can be used in research e.g some aspects on conflict of interest. This means that you have to look for more literature. I have attached some guidelines on research ethics issues.) case study on ethical issues in the research:

1- identify the main ethical issues on each points in case analyze ethical issues related to doing a business research3- determine the impact of the ethical issues on researcher decision if you can now after see what I am write above write 4 pages ethical issues in the research about case study that attached in above . use more refrances to support your answer 

Attachment:- worldcomm_case.docx

Attachment:- Ethical issues in research_some guidelines.docx

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Reference no: EM13653132

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