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Question: In this assignment, you will conduct some initial research into the different types of database models and choose two in which to delve deeper. After your research, you would have gained a good understanding of the various database models and for what purpose each is best suited.

Tasks: Different database models are used for a variety of reasons. Using the Argosy University online library resources, scholarly or professional resources, your course textbook, and the Internet, research and familiarize yourself with the hierarchical database model and the relational database model.

Based on your research, create a 3- to 5-page paper in a Microsoft Word document, which includes:

1. Similarities and differences between the two database models

2. Real-world examples of each type of database model

3. Recommendations for a database model for each of the following applications:

• A human resources system that will track employee information such as home address, department, position, and salary

• A criminal identification system that will collect suspect information such as name, height, weight, and gender at one location and then transmit the information to a central repository

• A manufacturing system that will track inventories of raw materials and finished goods.

Reference no: EM132233645

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