What are the cultural significances of the piece
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Question: For the Unit VII Essay, you will visit an art museum of your choice. You may visit one in person or take a virtual tour via the Internet. Below is a list of museums that offer virtual tours that you may want to review for this assignment. Please note that you are not limited to this list:

• Louvre

• National Gallery of Art

• The National Gallery

Please include the name and location of your museum in your introductory paragraph.

For this essay, write about two artworks from the periods we read about in Unit VII: Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist, or Post-Impressionist periods.

For each piece, address the following:

• Include the title, artist, date, medium, and scale.

• Describe the artwork.

• Describe the artist's role in his or her society/community.

• What do you think is the artist's message?

• What are the cultural significances of this piece?

• What historical elements are included in this piece?

Formatting: Your essay will be at least five pages in length and include the following:

• Title page (1 page)

• Written Essay (2 pages)

• Image(s) (1 page)

• References (1 page)

All sources used, including the museum, must be cited and included on the reference page in APA format. When you use a statement from any outside source, you need to credit the source in this format: (last name of author(s), year) at the end of the sentence before the period.

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