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A project has a cost of $180. It will have a life of 3 years. The cost will be depreciated straight-line to a zero salvage value, and will be worth $40 at that time. Cash sales will be $200 per year and cash costs will run $110 per year. The firm will also need to invest $70 in net working capital at year 0. The appropriate discount rate is 8% (use for all flows), and the corporate tax rate is 40%. What are the cash flows in years 1, 2, and 3?

Reference no: EM131140649

Determining exchange rate systems

There are flexible (floating) and fixed exchange-rate systems that nations use to correct imbalances in the balance of payments. When a nation has a payment deficit foreign

Explore the capital budgeting techniques covered in the np

Explore the capital budgeting techniques covered in the NP, PI, IRR, and Payback. Compare and contrast each of the techniques with an emphasis on comparative strengths and w

Calculate the daily gain

On 6/5/2014, an investor buys 7 gold futures contracts, when the futures price is $1400 per ounce. The contract size is 100 ounces. The next day, the futures price becomes $

How will a share repurchase affect the value of the company

Electronic Timing, Inc. Electronic Timing, Inc. (ETI), is a small company founded 15 years ago by electronics engineers Tom Miller and Jessica Kerr. ETI manufactures integrate

Calculate the net cash build monthly rate and indicate

Assume that 2011 will be a repeat of 2010. If your answer in Part A resulted in a net cash burn position, calculate the net cash burn monthly rate and indicate the number of m

Market price of and a coupon interest rate of percent

A $1,000 par value bond with a market price of and a coupon interest rate of percent. Flotation costs for a new issue would be approximately 8 percent. The bonds mature in 1

What are the pros and cons of using expatriates

What are the pros and cons of using expatriates, host-country nationals, and third-country nations to run overseas operations? If you were expanding your business, what approa

What is the expected overall payoff to bank a

Consider two banks. Bank A has 1000 loans outstanding each for $100,000, which it expects to be fully repaid today. Each of Bank A's loans has a 6% probability of default, in


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