What are the capabilities and limitations of intelligence

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This written assignment is comprised of addressing two specific topics related to homeland security. For each topic, the student is expected to develop a 3 page essay that provides the following information: 

Topic 1: What are the capabilities and limitations of intelligence in supporting homeland security efforts?

This paper should provide an examination of the various elements that comprise the intelligence community from local law enforcement to national agencies and how each of those entities contributes to the development of homeland security intelligence. In crafting your paper, it would be good to remember the lessons learned from the 9/11 Commission on intelligence sharing and analyze how those lessons/recommendations are being addressed. Lastly, your examination of the question should include the issue of domestic versus foreign intelligence.

Topic 2: Critique the capability (that associated with intelligence and all other initiatives) of the homeland security enterprise to adequately identify and address future challenges.

In your midterm assignment, you were tasked with writing an essay that compared and contrasted the missions and objectives that define the terms homeland security and homeland defense as identified in the various strategies and policies of the United States. This essay should offer your position as to the capability of the homeland security system to achieve those missions and objectives. In developing your response, you should also address the apparent contrast between efforts to provide for homeland security while maintaining civil liberties. Your position should be fully supported by applicable resources, as well as sound and fair reasoning of the materials and discussions you have been exposed to throughout the class.

Length:  3 pages per topic (not including required single title page and reference list), double spaced, 1" margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font.

Sources: A minimum of 3 academically acceptable sources (per topic) are to be utilized. Sources for this assignment are to come from both assigned readings and that obtained from conducting own research. You are not limited to the pages assigned from each document, but are limited to those documents only to defend and support your arguments/claims.

Reference no: EM131341683

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