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1. What are the benefits of obtaining the CFA charter? (Include in your answer the global recognition of the CFA Program). Present in detail at least a couple of charter holder's name, designation, location and their views, opinions, and thoughts about the value of earning the CFA certification. Please break down your answers under the following titles: (TYPE THESE SUB-HEADINGS and then answer one by one)

I - Overview of the CFA program and the benefits of obtaining the CFA Charter
II - Charter holder I (story)
III - Charter holder II (story)

Visit www.cfainstitute.org (You should get the info from this website). Also look at the CFA program brochure under the file titled "Assignments Articles" on BB where you can find the Charter Holders stories.

NOTE: It is better to write more (of course relevant material) than less for this and all other assignments. Please do not be too brief. You must explain in detail. It is recommended that you write more than or equal to two double spaced pages.

Reference no: EM131194220

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