What are some of the trends in supply chain management
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Essay Options Supply Chain Management and Project Management

Please select 2 essay questions out of the list of 5 options. In preparing your response, please ensure you follow these instructions:

1) Essay Format: 1 page each, single spaced with quarter inch margins (.25" left and right). Font style should be Times New Roman and font size should be 12

2) In answering each essay, you should provide a concise answer early in your response, followed by substantiating detail to support your answer

3) References outside of your textbook is highly recommended as it usually lends an authoritative basis to your thoughts. Reference to this outside source should be included for each response so I know where you pulled this information from.

4) I will be looking for clarity in your responses as well as a solid understanding of the topic. Please do not plagiarize other student's work. I will catch it and subsequent notification to UTD will follow.


1) What are some of the Trends in Supply Chain Management?

2) How does Inventory Management play a role in Supply Chain Management?

3) What are some of the Key Decisions in Project Management?

4) Describe Operations Strategy and how Risk Management is a component to it?

5) Describe your favorite topic of the class and why it is relevant in business?

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