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1- How can principals encourage collaboration in their schools between school leaders and teachers, among teachers, and between school staff and parents?

- Principals can develop manpower, materials and sponsorship, since individuals are the source of strength of the school, and taking care of their development and attention makes workers and students the biggest and best and most innovative at school.

- Principals should have respect for individuals (teachers, students, workers, parents...). Moreover, encourage their development and provide opportunities for them to participate in the decision and achieve the successes of the school. They are liable to make every effort to carry out their roles and responsibilities faithfully and conscientiously. Let the families, students and teachers know that the school means nothing without the cooperation efforts of her children.

- Abandon the routine, decentralization in handling things that develop the creative ability and innovation among workers, to work toward progress and success.

- Convert the schoolwork and educational process into something refreshingly attractive. Also, the Principals can create an environment full with collaboration between families and school staff.

- The constant renewal of the same thoughts and aspirations. It can be achieved, only if the individual feels that this is integrated with his work. That work is not only a job but builds himself and his character also. This real feeling drove to blow up the creative power inherent in it, and employment in the objectives that seek his school service. To each is a creative force at the same. The director of the school, in that case, to discover the motivation and stirring concerns to make its members of his staff and his school already creative block.

- Highness will and aspiration to achieve higher goals for the school that will stir incentives for individuals to work and put more effort and success. So we seek to achieve the objectives of the longer work, and more consistently achieve the goal we look at the target farthest to ensure an adequate, vivid, and continuous integrated professional.

- Should not be left a good idea, which lacks enforcement mechanisms. However, keep in mind, and from time to time and again we present for discussion. Many of the new ideas generated by the passage of time, and the debate repeated, perhaps give us the ability to implement them. Perhaps the first and second discussion did not reach the full maturity that complete it in other attempts.

- Must be paid to learn by doing great importance, because it is better to develop competencies, expand the activities of individuals, and the integration of the tasks and functions the way.

2- what are some of the POSITIVE results of a school environment in which there are collaboration and shared high expectations for all students?

- Improve the academic performance of the children. Many of the studies and educational research confirms that there is a positive relationship between parental involvement and student achievement levels and their behavior and attitudes.

The participation of parents is working to increase support for the educational community of the educational process. Where parents seek for satisfaction and conviction and full support to support education reform and development plans by providing moral and material support whenever possible.

3- what are some of the important steps in implementing inclusive assessment practices in a school? How can school leaders make sure that students with disabilities are being assessed properly?

Thorndike defined the evaluation as an integrated process; it is to determine where the objectives of Education along with aspects of, and appreciation of the degree to which is where achieve the goals. As defined by other two scientists, is determining the value of something and get information used to judge the value of a program or a goal or as a result.

Certain. It means the evaluation of school performance is the level of that assessment, which is based on the collection information, on the work of the Authority administrative and faculty members of the basic school. As well as the curriculum and school buildings, to issue a judgment on the merits in performance and quality

- As a result of all the collaboration between the school and parents, we get better student achievement, better grade. However, to achieve this success the principal should check every step the program go through it. Montour, the data know how many students at every level, also, know the number of student with disabilities. The principal role is to follow the proses to make sure that every part of the learning achievement is in the right place. Also, the principle played an enormous part to involve the parent and the teachers in activities to help the student. Healthy school environment can engorge the learning in the student, which makes them able to study and get a good grade. Also, the principle had the right to use this data to make decisions that could help the student achievement. Last but not least, evaluate the plan from all the issue parts (parents- teacher- workers- principle and students). Get a new plan to solve the disadvantages that the student had it in this scheme, and to avoid this problem next time. The evaluation process can go through under a supervision from a team of experts, this teams collect the data, information and develop a plan in a period, which depend on every student needs. After the evaluation, every team had their report to present it in the final meeting with the whole teams. The evaluation shows the powerless point that help the principle to avoid it later. Also, develop the educational process and methods. Redistribution of tasks commensurate with each member of the team, the principle can have a walk in hours to help the teams in any question that they need it. Also, the principle and another expert can have their observation for the teachers and the individual plan for each student with needs. In the end, every principle knows what his school needs and he can find a way to solve any problem.

Reference no: EM13846588

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