What are soft laws

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What are soft laws? What are the advantages and disadvantages of soft laws? Why are soft laws sometimes the outcome of negotiations on global environmental regimes?

Reference no: EM13149430

How many of each will olivia purchase

What if jumbo bags now cost $1? For each case draw a budget line that shows her best choice by adding indifference curves. Assume olivia cares only about the of peanuts and

Country allows free trade

The difference between the cost to produce the CDs and the price you paid for them spending $30 on two new CDs spending $30 on dinner and a movie with your friends.

Disadvantages of increased regulation for transportation

According to your textbook, the United States has attempted to set policies and establish regulations that are fair and equitable to both users and providers in the transporta

Debt-consolidation loan from champion

In the cas Palmer v. Champion Mortgage Palmer received a debt-consolidation loan from Champion. When she signed the loan agreement, she also received the required TILA disclos

Suppose an economy with constant population

Suppose an economy with constant population where the individuals want to keep 5000 goods in their bank deposits in each period. The economy has an endowment of 10, 000 goods

Compute the average annual growth rate of per capita GDP

Growth rates of per capita GDP: Compute the average annual growth rate of per capita GDP in the each of the cases below. The levels are provided for 1980 and 2010, measured in

Solve for the equilibrium price and output

The market demand is p=50-Q. There are two firms who behave as Cournot duopolists. For simplicity assume the marginal cost is zero. solve for the equilibrium price and output.

Quantitative easing by completing purchase of government

The Fed announced in April 2011 to it will continue the ‘quantitative easing' by completing the purchase of government securities by the amount of $60 billion.


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