What are phase-change materials and how do they work

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Question: Choose from one of the three topics below and write a short research paper (2-3 pages long). The short report should include the source of information identified in the text as well as a reference listing at the end of report. Divide the report to sections (problem statement, introduction, discussion, etc).

Topic 1: Concentrating Solar Power

Concentrating solar power is one of the most promising technologies in the area of renewable energy and it presents several heat transfer challenges.

1. Give a brief introduction to CSP.

2. Describe how a solar trough works.

3. Describe how a solar tower works.

4. What is the current state of thermal energy storage for CSP.

Topic 2: Phase-change materials for thermal energy storage

Related to the previous topic, one of the potential solutions to the energy storage problem for CSP is the use of phase-change materials (PCM).

1. What are phase-change materials and how do they work?

2. What are the advantages of PCMs over other thermal energy storage systems?

3. What are the disadvantages of PCMs?

Topic 3: Earth's energy budget

One of the most hotly debated issues today is climate change. Central to the discussion on climate change is the earth's energy budget. Give a short description of it, what are the processes involved and how much do they contribute to the overall budget.

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Reference no: EM13754346

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