What are middle class professional positions
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Open the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9LZ7-69HEE

Watch the film "Race and Intelligence: Science's Last Taboo" and answer the following questions:

1. In the film what is the scientific evidence for "nature" and "nurture" when it comes to intelligence.

2. What are the reasons given for Asian's high performance in American and European colleges and universities?

3. What are the reasons given for the lower performance of Whites, Blacks and Hispanics in American and European colleges and universities?

4. What reasons are given by Dr. William Henry for the underachievement of some poor, black students in American high schools and colleges?

5. What are "middle class" values?

6. What are "middle class professional positions"?

7. What is the "Flynn Effect"?

8. What is the "cognitive revolution" and what effect has it had on you that makes you different from your parents or grandparents?

9. Which group globally, Blacks, Asians, Whites or Hispanics, is showing the fastest overall increase in intelligence scores.

10. What would have to change in the United States and Europe for people from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds to achieve "high intelligence"?

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