What are html metatags and why can they be controversial

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1. What is Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and why is it controversial?

2. What are (HTML) metatags and why can they be controversial?

3. What do we mean by hyper linking on the Web? Should proprietors of Web sites have a right to include on their sites links to other Web sites?

4. What is e-mail spam, and why is it controversial from a moral point of view?

5. What is censorship? Describe the differences between "censorship by suppression" and "censorship by deterrence."

6. What is "virtual child pornography"?

7. What do we mean by "hate speech"? Give some examples of hate speech in cyberspace.

8. What is defamation, and why is it problematic in cyberspace?

Reference no: EM13786667

Describe the steps you have taken to maintain and redesign

Describe the steps you have taken to maintain and redesign your site(basic website beginner). How is the process that you followed similar to or different from how sites are

Explanation of assembly instructions

Compare word in AX to the one in CX. Jump to label big: if AX is greater than CX, to label small: if AX is smaller than CX, and to label same: if the values are the same.

Rescue tutoring service needs a more stylish web page

Rescue Tutoring Service needs a more stylish Web page than the extremely plain one they have sent to you. Follow the instructions below to create a cascading style sheet that

Starting a web site called highered

HigherEd Adella Coronel is a guidance counselor for Eagle High School in Waunakee, Wisconsin. She wants to take her interest in helping students choose colleges to the Web b

What is the relationship between javascript and ecmascript

What is the relationship between JavaScript and ECMAScript? Create a text input element for a first name. The element should automatically receive the focus when the form is

Examine current settings for logging and record the location

Start process by logging into your virtual machine as root and opening a command window. At the command prompt, type yum install -y ntp and press Enter. The yum installer wi

Evaluate the performance of the new site

Discuss the support operations that the internally hosted Website will require after implementation. Explain how you will evaluate the performance of the new site and the succ

Describe development of a custom web-based application

Robin is available for 30 hours per week at $100 per hour. She was involved in the last two upgrades as a business analyst and has been trying to become involved in other sy


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