What are html metatags and why can they be controversial

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1. What is Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and why is it controversial?

2. What are (HTML) metatags and why can they be controversial?

3. What do we mean by hyper linking on the Web? Should proprietors of Web sites have a right to include on their sites links to other Web sites?

4. What is e-mail spam, and why is it controversial from a moral point of view?

5. What is censorship? Describe the differences between "censorship by suppression" and "censorship by deterrence."

6. What is "virtual child pornography"?

7. What do we mean by "hate speech"? Give some examples of hate speech in cyberspace.

8. What is defamation, and why is it problematic in cyberspace?

Reference no: EM13786667

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