What are elements for action based on strict liability

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Bob is shopping in Carl’s Hardware Store when a nail gun in use by Dan, one of Carl’s employees, fires without warning and hits Bob in the leg. Carl checks the gun and discovers that it was assembled improperly. Bob files a suit against Eagle Tools, Inc., the manufacturer of the gun, for product liability, on the ground of strict liability. What are the elements for an action based on strict liability? In whose favor is the court likely to rule and why?

Reference no: EM13314930

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What extension would be used in ICD-10-CM for the following scenario? The patient had a dislocation three weeks ago on the left shoulder. He is being seen in the outpatient

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Create a new multifile project using the Resistor class developed in Week 1, and include a new main() test function. STEP 2: Modify the Resistor-Class Definition Add a static


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