What are advantages and disadvantages of political influence

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How do you measure political influence? What are the advantages and disadvantages of political influence? Is the shaping of public opinion by external influences good or bad for effective financial policy implementation? Why or why not?

Gaps between public and private sector salaries are widening, making private sector jobs more practical for students who have college loans to repay. Wages for public sector attorneys, computer programmers and engineers lag behind their private sector counterparts by about $10,000 or more. As a result, turnover among professionals in these categories is high, with 60 percent leaving state employment in the first three years. Some pick up jobs from the private sector after gaining substantial experience during their government tenures

What could public employers do to make working for government more attractive to college graduates?

Please include references within the answer and at the end. The answer has to be at least 250 words.

Reference no: EM13803898

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