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Since the after-school conference, Anne has missed 15 of the last 20 days of school. When she does attend, she is very quiet and tends to stay by herself. Anne also claims to be sick every time she has to go to gym class. The teacher has attempted to call her home to find out why Anne is missing so much school. On one occasion, Anne's father answers the phone and curses at the teacher and hangs up. After this conversation, the teacher is very concerned about Anne's safety and consults the principal. A decision is made to contact child protective services (CPS). You are the assigned investigator from CPS.

Draft a 3-4 paragraph memo outlining how you will begin your investigation. Be sure to include and discuss the following:

  • Which persons do you need to interview and why? Provide a minimum of three people you must interview.
  • What information would you expect to learn from each person you interview? Provide a minimum of two pieces of information you would expect to collect from these interviews.
  • What allegations do you feel could be present in this case? Provide a minimum of two.

Reference no: EM13777911

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