What about the sun allows fusion to happen there

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Read "What is a Light Year" under the Instructor Insights section. Or find it at: http://earthsky.org/space/what-is-a-light-year

Step 2- Respond to the following:

What does a Light Year measure? Is it a unit of time? Explain.

According to your reading, how old is our Universe?

Based on the two points above, what is the greatest distance light could have traveled since the universe formed?

Why does the "Known Universe" tour STOP at a certain point? Why is this the farthest we can see?

Discuss the main physical processes that occur in each layer of the sun.

What makes the sun so hot? Describe the fusion process that allows it to produce all the energy we require to survive.

Fusion is very hard to produce. What about the sun allows fusion to happen there?

Reference no: EM131204958

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Burial number one has some beautiful obsidian tools, some ceramic pots with food remains in them and some textiles. Burial number two has intact ceramic pots with beautiful


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