Were the businesses negligent

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Comment on these cases using information about: international torts and business torts (intentional torts, damages, business torts.) also Negligence and strict liability.

Do these scenarios lead you to believe there should be tort reform? Were the businesses negligent? Were the victims negligent? Should the amount of Money that juries award to parties that have been injured at the hands of another have a cap? Doing some research on Tort reform will strengthen this answer.

Reference no: EM13782761

How will customers communicate with us

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Describe basic legal issues facing todays business leader.

Description and explanation of the type of business entity that is best for your business, Partnership, corporation, etc. (for purposes of this assignment, you should NOT choo

Downstream owners bring suit to stop the company

Wanda is in charge of acquisitions for her company. Realizing that water is important to company operations, Wanda buys a plant site on a river, and the company builds a plant


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