Were findings consistent with and reflective of data

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1. Was there a clear statement of the purpose and aims of the research?

2. Is a qualitative methodology appropriate for this study? Explain why.


3. Was relevant background literature reviewed? The gap in knowledge identified?


4. Is the study design appropriate for the research question and objectives?

5. Was a theoretical perspective of the researcher(s) identified?


6. Does the study describe the methods used to generate data?

7. Was the method appropriate for the study design type?


8. Were participants relevant to the research question and was their selection well-reasoned?

9. Was sampling done until saturation or redundancy in data was reached?

10. Was informed consent obtained and is it clear why some individuals chose not to participate?


11. Is there a clear and complete description of the site, participants and researcher's credentials? Is the role of the researcher and his/her relationship with participants and identification of the researchers' assumptions clearly described?


12. Was the data collection strategies comprehensive enough to support rich and robust descriptions of the observed events?

13. Were the data collection methods appropriate for the research objectives and setting?


14. Was the data analysis inductive and the findings adequately corroborated?

15. Were findings consistent with and reflective of data?

16. Was a decision trail developed and rules of analysis reported?

17. Was the process of transforming data into themes/codes described adequately?


18. Did a meaningful picture of the phenomenon under study emerge?


19. Was triangulation reported?


20. Were conclusions appropriate given the study findings?

21. Did the findings contribute to theory development and future practice or research?

22. How do you rate this study as a whole? ____  Explain you answer.

Personal Growth & Development -

23. List at least one thing you learned/relearned from reading this article.

24. List at least one way that YOU could you apply the findings of this study to your nursing practice.

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Reference no: EM131427854

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Include reference list. Note. Up to 10 points will be deducted for breaches in APA including grammar and spelling. Pay particular attention to properly cite others’ work in the text of your paper. Attending a workshop on using APA is strongly recommended as well as use of a reference manager. Be certain to review the APA PowerPoint. Purpose of problem clear? What was the purpose of the study? Are/Is there a research question(s) and/or hypotheses? List them. If hypotheses are they directional or nondirectional? Explain. Is this study significant to nursing? (i.e., will this study have an impact on nursing practice?)

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