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Throughout the unit you have been completing weekly hands-on tasks to gain insight into what T&E lessons might entail. These activities have generally been pitched to you at an 'adult' level, so for this task you will consider how to modify one of the weekly activities within this unit and make it suitable for middle-childhood T&E students. 
You will present this task in the form of an extended podcast (including audio, video, pictures, text, etc.) that can be downloaded and viewed on a mobile phone. Emphasis must be placed on either the Information, Systems or Materials outcome of T&E (pick one). Use Microsoft Movie Maker (or similar for Mac users) for producing your podcast. It is to be a maximum of 2 minutes in length and less then 10MB in file size. You will have to be very efficient and effective in the way you present the extended podcast, and are expected to integrate a rich range of information formats. You will upload 2 files for this task - 1) a Word document with a completed cover page, marking rubric, and reference list and 2) a movie file. 
Week 7 is devoted to a tutor-led discussion of the assessment's requirements and how they should be addressed and will be organized by your tutor. 
The quality of your submission will be judged primarily on its usefulness to teachers of Technology and Enterprise and its demonstration of the potential of enhanced podcasts for presenting diverse types of information in an economical and powerful manner. 

Reference no: EM13142026

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