Ways to evaluate the use of hpt once implemented

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Compare and contrast the HPT model against the ADDIE model and Gagne's model. Determine how these models might work together for identifying performance gaps and designing solutions.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation for the administrators in your school district about the HPT model, how it aligns with quality and quality performance, inclusion in an instructional design approach, and how it could be used in schools.

Be sure to include the following:

A review of each step of the model explaining what would take place in the school as the evaluation analysis proceeds through all of the steps

Ways to evaluate the use of HPT once implemented

How it aligns with an instructional design concept

How it compares and contrasts to the ADDIE Model and Gagne's approach.

Each slide should have bullet points of no more than 4-5 words each.

The explanation of the bullet points should be written as a script for the speaker and should be in the notes section of each slide.

These notes must be extensive and cover everything that should be said about the points on the slide.

Some slides should use images, photos, graphs, and charts to keep the interest of the audience. The background should be professional and appropriate.

Reference no: EM132184201

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