Variance is a special exemption to a zoning ordinance

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1.______________________ is the process of communicating a company's unique selling proposition to its target customers in a consistent and integrated manner.

a. Branding b. Selling c. Entertailing d. marketing

2. The conversion ratio, or browse-to-buy ratio, is the proportion of visitors to a site who visit but do not actually make a purchase.

a. true b. false

3. A variance is a special exemption to a zoning ordinance.

a. true b. false

4. Office design has little impact on workers' job performance, job satisfaction, and ease of communication.

a. true b.false

5. Click-through rate measures the proportion of poeple who see an online ad and actually click on it to reach the company's web site

a. true b. false

6. Most marketing experts contend that the greatest marketing mistake small businesses make is failing to clearly define their target market.

a. true b.false

7. All of the following represents benefits of selling on the Web EXCEPT:

a. opportunity to increase revenues.

b. power to educate and inform.

c. ability to remain open 24 hours a day.

d. ability to advertise in a cheaper media form.

Reference no: EM13313069

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