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Large business organisations constitute not only a single strategic business unit, but a culmination of several business units. The business units which may number anywhere from 4 to as many as 20 or more cannot be considered as a single, separate and disparate entity (Balakrishnan and Cheng, 2009). Rather the business units are attached to each other like a string completing a full circle, where each complements the predecessor and the successor. The breakdown of any one entity in the chain can have a telling effect on the whole chain itself. Now depending on the type of sector chosen the units in the business chain vary in number and complexity (Calza and Passaro, 2007). For example unlike a software company the units/ operational units in company which deals with products/goods are much larger in number. As explained in the previous lines the units in operation are linked and performance of one affects the performance of the other units linked to that unit. Value chain management comes in this picture (Girod and Rugman, 2009). Value chain management fine tunes the operational performance of each separate unit of the business, so that the concerted performance of each unit helps to attain the business, its targeted quality and performance target.

The company chosen for value chain management analysis is TESCO. It is one of the top retail market players in UK. TESCO has transformed itself through years and have also expanded into international geographical areas also like Asia, Europe and North America (Gunasekarana and Ngai, 2008). The investigation into its value chain management will help to understand how Tesco thrives to imbibe value in its operational units. 

Write a paper on "Value Chain Management Analysis of Tesco".

The paper includes the Table of Index...

  • Introduction 2
  • Linkage between suppliers and consumers in Tesco 5
  • First step is Activity analysis 5
  • Reverse logistics 5
  • Detailed retail supply chain of Tesco 6
  • The integration of the 5 goals 8
  • Effective flowthrough 9
  • In-store range 9
  • Linking marketing with supply chain 9
  • Primary distribution 11
  • Time plan for introducing store specific ranging 12
  • Network management 13
  • Adding value through outsourcing 14
  • Ways in which food sourcing adds value are 14
  • Goal setting programme 15
  • The interaction between the Global Sourcing Team and the Local Country Teams in Tesco 15
  • An area wise distribution of the cost of goods sourced (Goods like produce, grocery, and protein) 16
  • A comparison of how cost of goods sourced compare across each of the 3 regions Central Europe, Asia, and UK 17
  • Sourcing from Central Europe 17
  • Generation of value through sourcing from central Europe 18
  • Sourcing non-food items 18
  • The interaction between Local Team and the Central European Regional Team 19
  • Diagram showing how increased commonality, rationalization of ranges and suppliers are leading to addition of values 20
  • A graph to show how decrease in non food product price through lead to increased sales 21
  • Role played by Technology in value addition 21
  • HRM and its role in generation of value 23
  • Conclusions 23

Words Limit: 4500-5000

References: Minimum 10

Reference no: EM131132275

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