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Many businesses are using technology to make mundane business tasks easier and more efficient. Assume you are an intern working for the sales manager of a company that sells truck equipment and parts. The company's salespersons travel to meet travel to meet with fleet managers and often stay in hotels, rent cars, and entertain customers at restaurants. All of these salespersons hate keeping track of their receipts and doing their expense reports at the end of each month. Using the Apple App store and/or Google Play, identify at least two apps that the salesperson could use to scan their receipts. Read the reviews of these apps and, in about 200 words, write a summary and recommendation of one or more of the apps that you could give the sales manager to help her decide which to adopt.

Reference no: EM13904172

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In St. Louis, MO, in August 2000, Richard Miller orally agreed to loan Jeff Miller $35,000.00 in exchange for a security interest in a 1999 Kodiak dump truck. What are a credi


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