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A Dictator Game is described: “Amanda is the dictator. She has a candy bar that she has to share with her little sister Barbara. (Mother will be angry if she doesn’t share at all). Amanda can share 50-50, or she can keep 90% for herself. Barbara’s only choice is to accept or reject what she is offered.” Draw the game in extensive form. Analyze this game using concepts related to subgame perfect equilibrium. What do experiments teach us about this game?

Reference no: EM131387152

Purchase cost-maintenance-plus electric power consumption

A motor capable of delivering 200 hp to steel rolling mill drive is being evaluated in a present economy study. The selected motor will only be utilized for one year, and it w

Calculating the profit-maximizing price and quantity

A medical device company has a monopoly on a certain class of cardiac implants. Demand for the implants is given by P=28000-5Q and marginal revenue is given by MR=28000-10Q. G

Explain how each of the following will affect the average

Explain how each of the following will affect the average fixed cost, average variable cost, average total cost, and marginal cost curves faced by a steel manufacturer.

The means of production in a socialist economy

Government owns the means of production in a socialist economy while individuals own the means of production in a capitalist economy. The government allocates jobs in a social

Problem regarding the variance analysis

Recommend at least two (2) strategies an administrator can apply to ensure that the budget is performing according to the established performance indicators. Justify your re

Compute the coefficient of variations for salaries

The annual salaries of a employees who work for a company have a mean of $62,250 and a standard deviation of 9,820. The years of experience for the same employees have a mean

Calculate and graph the effects of an import subsidy

A small nation is unable to affect world price. It imports peanuts at the price of $10 per bag. The deman curve is D=400-10P and the supply curve is S=50+5 P. Calculate and gr

Type of worker approximate a perfectly competitive market

How closely does the labor market for the following type of worker approximate a perfectly competitive market? What, if any, are the major imperfections in each market? a. mig


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