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Dupuis can borrow at 12.00 percent. Dupuis currently has no debt, and the cost of equity is 15 percent. The current value of the firm is $676,000. The corporate tax rate is 38 percent.


What will the value be if Dupuis borrows $227,000 and uses the proceeds to repurchase shares?

Value of the firm            $   

Reference no: EM13766386

Advantages and disadvantages of the payback method

List the advantages and disadvantages of the payback method, internal rate of return, and net present value. Provide an example of how/why someone may use different methods.

What was the company profit margin

Prince Albert Canning PLC had a net loss of £28,382 on sales of £494,162. What was the company’s profit margin? In dollars, sales were $700,266. What was the net loss in dolla

Calculate the firm degree of financial leverage

Breakeven point and all forms of leverage TOR most recently sold 100,000 units at $7.50 each; its variable operating costs are $3.00 per unit, and its fixed operating costs ar

Calculate the expected return for stock based on capm

In 2014, stock ABC pays $0.80 per share quarterly dividend and the dividend was $0.50 per share in 2008. The growth rate is 5.0%. Find the beta for stock ABC. Find the current

Maintians a debt-rquity ratio

ABC, Inc. maintians a debt-rquity ratio of 0.60 and follows a residual dividend policy. The company has after-tax earnings of $3100 for the year and needs $3000 for new invest

Net change in income if new credit terms are adopted

Dome Metals has credit sales of $180,000 yearly with credit terms of net 60 days, which is also the average collection period. Assume the firm adopts new credit terms of 3/18,

Does equivalent taylor rule become more or less aggressive

The adjustment of interest rates under inflation targeting is similar to a Taylor rule. Explain why.  - Does the equivalent Taylor rule become more or less aggressive?

What is the portfolio beta

As an investment bank manager, you have the following three investments in your current portfolio. a.) GM shares: 900 shares, trade for $30/share, beta=0.9 b.) JP Morgan share


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