Uses of art as consciousness raising

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From various sources discuss some possible uses of art as consciousness raising, self expression, liberation, exploration of the medium, etc. Illustrate your answer with two specific writers or artists as well as references.

Reference no: EM13898093

What is meant by the viscosity of a hydraulic fluid

If 1kg of mass is taken to the moon, would it still have a mass of 1 kg on the moon? If the absolute pressure in a hydraulic system is 800 kPa, what is the gauge pressure? Wha

History in the spacio-temporal world

I must defend Platonic (or Transcendent) Realism, which claims that unversals can exist even if they are never exemplified at any point in history (including the future) in th

Explain symmetrical or complimentary relationship

Create the 1-2 page paper which reviews one of your interpersonal relationships. In short explain the relationship, determine if relationship is symmetrical or complimentary

Identify theory of motor-skill learning best fits activity

Discuss your outcome with this activity. What did you learn about motor learning? Based on your readings, identify which theory of motor-skill learning best fits this activi

Why quotation is correct representation of philosopher ideas

Write down 350- to 700-word response to following: Using following list of philosophers, choose quotation which best represents each of philosophers.

Discuss the medical physical and psychological effects

Discuss the medical, physical, emotional, and psychological effects of substance abuse on both the addict and the co- addict. Discuss some of the processes that take place t

What is learning and conditioning in psychology

What is learning and conditioning in psychology? why is it important? and how does it contribute to a better understanding of human psychology and the improvement of human and

Advantage of a matrix structure

One advantage of a matrix structure is: Allows all departments to network efficient Brings conflicts of interest out into the open Provides the company with uniform corporate


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