Use of the term sales rather than demand presume

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National Scan Inc. sells radio frequency inventory tags. Monthly sales for a seven-month period were as follows:

Month Sales (000) Units

Feb 19

Mar 18

Apr 15

May 20

Jun 18

Jul 22

Aug 20

b. Forecast September sales volume using each of the following:


(1) The naive approach.

(2) A five month moving average.

(3) A weighted average using .60 for August, .30 for July, and .10 for June.

(4) Exponential smoothing with a smoothing constant equal to .20, assuming a a March forecast of 19(000).

(5) A linear trend equation.

c. Which method seems least appropriate? Why?

d. What does use of the term sales rather than demand presume?

Reference no: EM132280186

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