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#11.25 - Convert the example of GEOMETRY_OBJECTS given in section 11.1.5 from the functional notation to the notation given in Figure 11.2 that distinguishes between attributes and operations. Use the keyword INHERIT to show that one class inherits from another class.

#11.27 - Consider the UNIVERSITY EER schema of Figure 8.10. Think of what operations are needed for the entity types/classes in the schema. Do not consider constructor and destructor operations.

#11.31 - Map the COMPANY ER schema of Figure 7.2 into ODL classes. Include appropriate methods for each class.

#12.9 - Consider the LIBRARY relational database schema in Figure 4.6. Create an XML schema document that corresponds to this database schema.


#13.9 - Consider the LIBRARY relational database schema in Figure 4.6. Write a program segment that retrieves the list of books that became overdue yesterday and that prints the book title and borrower name for each. Use embedded SQL and C or any programming language of your choice or even a pseudo-code.

Reference no: EM13327092

Create external references in the products worksheet

create a new worksheet based on the existing worksheet structure and formats. Create external references in the Products worksheet to the contact information found in the sup

How many of the artist works have been sold

List the names of the deceased artists and the number of years of age they were when they died (for example, an artist born in 1950 and deceased in 2001 has an age of 51).

What is the difference between a database and a table

What is the difference between a database and a table? What two conditions must be met before an entity can be classified as a weak entity? Give an example of a weak entity.

Describe what entity represents in an er mode

Describe what entity represents in an ER mode and provide examples of entities with a physical or conceptual existence. Describe how strong and weak entities differ and provid

Discuss about the database modeling and normalization

Imagine that you work for a consulting firm that offers information technology and database services. Part of its core services is to optimize and offer streamline solutions

Create a mysql database

Create a Database and modify your script to reference your Database. Download the tutorial Creating a Database in MySQL Omnymbus Environment from the folder in Doc-Sharing ti

How much wages and salaries cost would be allocated

What would be the total overhead cost per customer according to the activity based costing system? In other words, what would be the overall activity rate for the customer s

Explain techniques for distributed data placement

Create a diagram using Visio, Microsoft Paint, or other graphical creation utility of your choosing to illustrate the diagrams supporting your conclusion. Note: The graphica


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