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Question: Universal Rental Car Pricing Simulation


Write a report of no more than ,1600 words (not including tables and other appendixes) explaining your strategy, results, and observations from the special scenario of Universal Rental Car Pricing Simulation assigned for Minor Project 2. Design and format of the report are your choice. When quoting from or crediting references, use the Harvard style. This means that there will not be footnotes, and that citations/references are "worked into" the regular text. Please see a copy of the Harvard Business Review in the Regent Library databases for examples.


The report should start with an overview of your strategy (its goals and any changes during the scenario), your results (did they meet expectations?), and an explanation of how your strategy, market conditions, and competitor behavior led to those results. The body of the report should answer/discuss the following questions and topics:

Weekday vs. weekend demand. How did they differ? What are they a proxy for? How did their price responsiveness differ and why? How did you use this information in your pricing decisions?

Cost structure. Describe the economics of this business. In what ways did you use the breakeven calculator? How did the cost structure affect your pricing decisions?

Competitive price moves. What did you think the competition was doing? What kind of competitor were you up against? How intelligent was the competitor? On what do you base that assessment?

General market conditions. Did you observe any patterns in overall market demand over the duration of the game? Explain. How would you characterize elasticity of demand in this market overall? Was it a good year or a bad year to be managing this business? Why?

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Reference no: EM13883787

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