Units of product-marginal cost equals average total cost

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If the total cost of 20 units of a product is $20, and the total cost of 21 units is $21, then from 20 to 21 units of product the:

Marginal cost is decreasing

Marginal cost equals average variable cost

Average total cost equals average variable cost

Marginal cost equals average total cost

Reference no: EM13860743

Demand with quasi-linear utility function

Essential Problems in bold: Demand with a quasi-linear utility function. Consider a consumer with the following utility function u(x1, x2) = √x1 + x2. This is an example of a

Two inputs in the production function-labor and capital

Suppose there are two inputs in the production function, labor and capital, and these two inputs are perfect substitutes. The existing technology permits 1 machine to do the w

Couple can hold fred liable in contract for the services

Daniel, a recent college graduate, is on his way home for the Christmas holidays from his new job. He gets caught in a snowstorm and is taken in by an elderly couple, who prov

About the local business person

Everett McCleskey, a local business person, is a good friend of Al Miller, the owner of a local candy store. Every day on his lunch hour, McCleskey goes into Miller’s candy st

What is estimated explicit cost of your proposed business

You are thinking about becoming a Paradise Coffee franchisee. Franchisees are offered a business specializing in producing an exclusive line of exotic coffee drinks (similar t

Bureau of economic analysis-change affect equilibrium

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, during the recession of 2007-2009 household saving as a fraction of disposable personal income increased from a low of just over

Rental rate of capital and marginal productivity of labor

According to The Wall Street Journal, Mitsubishi Motors recently announced a major restructuring plan in an attempt to reverse declining global sales. Rental rate of Capital? 

Marginal product of labor curves for production function

The production function at Ginko's Copy Shop is q = 1000 x min(L, 3K), where q is the number of copies per hour, L is the number of workers, and K is the number of copy machin


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